Adopt a Village in Laos

Wednesday, September 16th, the Lunenburg Rotary Club received Steve Rutledge. Steve talked about the work that he has accomplished in Laos over the past six years: building schools, working with hospitals, providing water filtration, among other project.  He has raised over 2 million dollars and personally improved the lives of over 27,000 people.

Steve Rutledge on his talk “Adop-a-Village in Laos

Steve Rutledge on his talk “Adop-a-Village in Laos

To learn more about the project Adopt a Village in Laos, visit the website

Lomax in the Lighthouse Now


The stormy days last winter left David Penney housebound with hours to kill. Instead of sitting around, he settled in and wrote his first play.

“Things happen at a certain period of your life that you just don’t expect,” said Penney, who lives in Lunenburg. “I was sitting here on a January morning, and it was stormy and dark and I was by myself … so I started to write this.”

“Lomax” tells the story of Mr. Lomax, a criminal whose past has caught up with him, as he fools a group of locals into murdering an old enemy who is on his trail. Among those he deceives is Billy, a man suffering the early effects of Alzheimer’s in silence.

Read the full review here. Lomax is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lunenburg.

A New Member

Congratulations to Susan Robertson our newest Rotary Member sponsored by Suzanne Spare. Donald Gray, President of the Rotary Club of Lunenburg presented the Welcome Package and pin to Susan on May 20, 2015.